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4 ways to stay active when stuck inside.

There are multiple reasons that may prevent you from going outside. Bad weather is a common one but a pandemic is the most recent one. When life gets in the way we must get creative in order to remain active to protect our health. Here a some ways to do so!

Important tip; when doing any exercice it's important to wear well fitting shoes, to be in a lit and clutter free area and have a chair or support nearby in case you loose balance or have to rest.

1. Video workouts;

There are multiple places where to access video guided exercice sessions.The most common and easiest to access is youtube. We have created short 10-15 minute videos to help you stay active inside. These videos can be done multiple times a week

link to exercice videos

2. Mix business with pleasure;

There are always some tasks around the house that need to get done. Such as vacuuming, mopping the floor, dusting, folding laundry... Such chores are not usually considered physical activity... but they can be. Put on some good upbeat music, increase your pace, start a timer and combine turn that dreaded chore in a fun workout.

3. Spend more time standing;

Most of us don't realize how much time we spend sitting during a day; watching the TV, reading, eating... One easy way to be more active and improve your stability and balance is to do some of these activities standing instead of sitting. As an example, you could watch 10 minutes of a TV show standing every day and gradually increase of the week. You will be much more active without noticing it.

4. Stretch

stretching is an activity that requires very little space and almost no equipment. A daily stretching routine is easily done inside and will help you stay supple, relieve some body aches and pains and provide you with a greater freedom of movement.

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